From the Jaws of Defeat

Just wanted to post a bit of Beeminder love. This has been… Not a great week for my Beeminding progress. I just derailed on both my eat less junk food goal and my weigh less goal (could they possibly be related?! The world may never know!) My sleep more goal has been taking a beating, due to three 3:00 am to 6:00 am side job gigs this week. But when I noticed that I would be derailing on my cycling goal on Sunday due to the five solid days of non-commuting (I usually log four miles a day going to and from work), it was sufficient incentive for me to get my butt downtown and on a bike, eventually clocking a 14-mile bike ride all around the lower tip of Manhattan. I really enjoyed the ride and it feels incredibly good to know that one of my active goals is safely in the green (though I should probably retroratchet a few of my >100-day buffer goals to keep me honest as well.) Even on days when I’m failing left and right, knowing that I’m doing at least one thing according to plan does such good things to my state of mind. Just feeling really grateful for self-binding and accountability right now.


Melt! Thank you so much for the kind words! This forum is making me so happy lately. The combination of success stories like this and some other active threads lately with people doing Serious Work helping us think through how to be even awesomer… I’m kinda verklempt. Thank you, everyone!