Garmin Autogenerated Goal not working?

Hello I’m a new user and created 3 goals, one with Fitbit for steps (working fine), one with Withings for Weight (working fine) and one with Garmin for Cycling. This last one isn’t working. At the Garmin connect end it says I have authorised beeminder. At the Beeminder end it says I have authenticated correctly. However tonight I did 15 miles on an indoor smart trainer and uploaded the activity from my Garmin Edge 1000. This has gone to Strava as normal but nothing has gone to Beeminder. I told it to fetch data but nothing either. All it has is the initial fetch on 24th of 0.0? I am now getting close to drifting off on this goal and getting fined, so I wondered if anyone has any idea?

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False alarm. There appears to be a lag with Garmin compared to other sites. It has now come through.