Get Paid for my Do-less Derailments

If one of my do-less goals is red, I’ll pay you the pledge amount, whatever that happens to be, if you’re the first person to claim it (whether here, in the Microchip-managed Slack, or in the comments of the blog post I’ll write about it in the future, etc.).

But be warned, if I get back under the road or the goal officially derails before someone claims it, then you’ve missed your shot!

Those on the Slack have a bit of an advantage, as the goal will autopost this picture there with a link to my goal page when I post a datapoint that puts me in derailment jeopardy.

Goals currently part of this:
(I’ll be adding more to this list, so check back here)
Bad Habit
Calories (around 11pm Eastern)
Saturated Fats (around 11pm)
Off-menu Foods


I’ve just added 3 more goals to this:

Calories (with a hefty pledge) and
Saturated Fats
(both receive data from Zapier at around 11pm (Eastern)) and

Off-menu Foods (which I’ll explain in a blog sometime)