git integration with branches

I’m currently working on a branch of my project other than master, but my commits don’t count toward my Beeminder goal. Please please add the option to count all commits to any branches because otherwise it basically renders the git integration useless for me.


Also it would be nice if it would show the number of commits made to the repo as the base rather than 0.

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Thanks for this feature request, @empathephant! I talked to @bee about it and we think the right solution is to let you choose which branch(es) to count commits on.

So that sounds worth doing, except the bad news is we’re not realistically going to get to that soon.

Would anyone like to volunteer to improve Gitminder in that way? Click the :heart: if so!


Are you able to get an RSS feed of the commits from the branch you care about? I use IFTTT to tweet about all my commits from their github RSS feeds; if you can get a trigger from RSS for just the branch you want, you could use it to update Beeminder.

(I had to create separate IFTTT triggers for each repo that I tweet about this way, but I like that, since it allows me to customize the tweets.)