Sending local git commits to Beeminder

I want to automatically count commits on a local git repo towards one of my goals. (Most of my repos aren’t hosted on Github, so Gitminder is out.) I couldn’t find any mention of this after searching the forum and the interwebs, so I wrote a Bash script which prompts you to submit a datapoint to Beeminder with the latest commit’s message as the comment:

I run it from a post-commit hook, so it gets run right after I git commit. Has anyone else tried rigging up something like this? Or have use for this and want to let me know how it works for you?


This is cool! I do something similar except I have a cron job that polls a couple of repos on disk and pushes the commit messages to Beeminder, and the value it sends is the number of lines changed.


I like the idea of beeminding actual lines of code changed rather than the number of commits. How is that going?

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