Derailment at end of day on goal date?

I have a goal that will end tonight, but today is also an eep day.

The Android app says I will be fine, with 4 hours till end of goal (this is also what I expect), but I just checked my goal list and it says I will derail in 4 hours.

There is basically the same question here: A few UI bugs around Goal Day + Eep, but it doesn’t seem to have any official answer, hence I am bugging you now for it. At any point it is very confusing and so I will be needing an official answer for the newbee guide, Tomjen’s Mega Newbee Guide anyway.

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We mean for it to enforce getting on the road (out of the red) even on the final day (goal end date). You expected that if you made it to the end date then you’d be safe?

(So many problems with the behavior on or near the end date right now! Keep letting us know issues/questions like this that you encounter. And we recommend keeping your goal end dates pushed far in the future.)

Yeah given that there were a smile on the graph I assumed that it had completed.

Also normally I would receive a notification on my android but that didn’t seem to have happened today + plus on the overview the app said x hours to goal state.

I guess having to get on the road is the correct behaviour but this should be clear from both the apps and the website.

Normally I do keep my deadlines far out but I had completed my udacity course and so I figured setting the goal date made sense.

Anyway I completed some additional work so I am on the road now.