Goal dates and stepwise changes in weight graph

I’d like to make a stepwise change in my Beeminder weight graph, to lower my weight ceiling by one kilo. I can do that, by choosing a goal date seven days from now and the new weight to use, letting weekly rate be the inferred field. The problem is that now my goal date is seven days from now, and I want to continue using the goal. (See https://www.beeminder.com/grayson/goals/trackmyweight.)

I’ve tried going in a day or two later and extending the goal date, but that negates the change I’ve already made. If I pick a real goal date a year from now (say), then the graph shows me a very shallow slope to my new weight over that year.

I thought I might be able to accomplish it by going in each day for a week and extending the goal date by one day, until I’m safely in the new situation and can extend the goal date indefinitely. But when I extend the date by one day during the existing seven-day wait, Beeminder just moves the stepwise change out another day, effectively restarting the seven-day wait.

Is there any way, other than letting the goal expire in seven days and then restarting it, to achieve a stepwise change to a new weight?


Check out the take-a-break feature. You can use it to set any temporary slope.

Most common use is to flatten (or make more lenient) a road on account of work/travel/holiday, but it can also be used for 30-day challenges and step-wise changes…


Thanks, @philip. That seems to have worked!