Can someone explain the tool?
Only heard about it for first time from the Anti-Magic vs carrot dangling post
What can I do with it? Is there an explainer guide on how to use it?
Is it possible to change the y axis to what is achieved each day rather than cumulative total?

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Hi! Thanks for mentioning it – the visual graph editor is a tool that’s currently separate from Beeminder itself, but I hope to see it integrated into the main site someday soon, so it’s useful to hear any feedback you have about it.

You can use it to change the rate of your graph (as long as it doesn’t make it easier within 7 days). For example, you can use it to add or edit breaks, or to set a change in rate that won’t kick in for some time, or even retroactively change how the graph looked in the past. It should be pretty intuitive, because you can do all the edits via the graph image: double-click to put a node down on that day, then drag it around to change the slope. Changes don’t get submitted until you deliberately click the button, so you can play around and explore without changing your actual commitments.

You can’t make the graph non-cumulative that way, though; you’d need a custom goal – I think you’re thinking of something more like my /clockoff goal, for instance, right? That’s a custom do-less goal with the cumulative setting unchecked. You could totally do something like that with a custom goal, but I wouldn’t actually recommend it for most types of goal. Beeminder isn’t designed to work that way, so it doesn’t always behave right; you couldn’t get reminders, for example, and the derail behaviour can be a bit odd.

There’s a great illustration of why we think cumulative goals are better – let me see if I can find it… here we go! It’s an old post, but a good one.