Goal settings log?

Hi all,
I was trying to get a history of my goal (initial goal, when I increased it, when I derailed, when I reduced the buffer etc), is this information logged somewhere?


I don’t think it is. Certainly I’ve never found it, and it’s something I’ve occasionally wanted and looked for.

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If you browse the data, you can see beeminder inserts a log entry whenever you derail. The rest of the data is visible on you graph, but that can be somewhat difficult to see.

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It’s possible to examine the road and infer things from its shape, but there are also many ways to adjust your road in a way that destroys information.

I also believe Beeminder log all the activity on a goal, but suspect they currently have no way of nicely querying it or returning useful information from it in an automated manner.

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If you have access to the road editor, you can see the effective dates of rate changes.

It’s little tricky because the date of the rate change date is (someone please correct if incorrect) the day after the end date of the previous road segment (old rate).

I think you can also infer all these things via API calls, but that would take a bit of programming and a bit more thinking.

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I think this doesn’t quite do what is wanted because of retroratcheting. You’ll see the dates that things change, but that may not correspond perfectly to the actions performed.

ETA: Or at least it doesn’t do what I wanted. @giovanni’s use case/requirements may be different.


Retroratchets do show up in the road.

What I mean is that a retroratchet (or for that matter a break) is a destructive operation, so if I make some road changes and then retroratchet or break the change will not always be visible in its orignal form

Ah. That is correct.

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