Feature Request: Graph modification log

Bethany just helped me fix a fat-finger issue on one of my graphs where I was sure I did one thing but actually did another - I thought I had scaled one of my goals, but the graph showed a retroratchet. Unfortunately, I did this several days ago and memory is fickle so I wasn’t sure if I was at fault.

What would have helped? I think putting goal modification events in the “all datapoints” view would be useful for diagnostics here. For example:

Date Value Comment
1/24/16 0 Retroratcheted by 5 days
1/24/16 0 Slope changed to 180/week
1/24/16 0 Archive queued for 1/31/16
1/24/16 0 Break scheduled between 2/5/16 and 2/10/16 at 0/week

That way we can see the log of our actions on the goal after the fact.



I would love to see this. I have a flat spot in one of my goals right now that I don’t remember putting in place. I’m sure I did, but it would be really nice to know when…

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Yes, that’s a fine idea.

Not in the datapoints please. That’s a hack, in the same way that the derailment datapoint isn’t a true datapoint.

Conveniently, the ability to do this cleanly probably requires that we implement true breaks and the road editor and suchlike things. In its current state, you really don’t want to see the road matrix.

Having said that, exposing some version of what goes in the transaction log might not be terrible.

All that is ill-formed and half-baked musing, mostly so that I could say NOT IN THE DATA!