Google Tasks, Exchange email

I really want to automate:

-send email
-answer emails
-clear inbox

For my work email. The trouble is it’s on an exchange server and I can’t find a way to get the data out … I can’t use POP or IMAP… are there any 3rd party tools or email readers that might make this data sendable to bee-minder via spreadsheet or IFTTT or anything?

I also want to automate from google tasks:
-task checked off.
-task add.

Again I can’t find a way to automate these variables. I guess I could switch to “reminders” from apple… but I find having a to-do list in my browser useful. Any ideas?


As of now, Zapier can track Google Tasks added but not tasks completed.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Trello (direct integration)
  • HabitRPG (direct integration)
  • Todoist (via Zapier or IFTTT)
  • Toodledo (via Zapier or IFTTT)