Gradually-increasing goals

I’m getting back into standing more as/while I work, but I was hoping to track this via beeminder. I know that people have proposed a gradually increasing curve goal in the past, but has anyone figured out a way to automate this so I don’t have to keep tweaking it (and then seeing changes only start to happen a week later etc).

Ideally I’d set it a very low amount to start with, then it would gradually increase the rate over a period of months.

Any idea how to set this up?


i think an exponential road might work for you here - start at the amount you currently stand at work, then increase that amount x% a week (potentially reaching a maximum at some point, then flatlining the graph to maintain).


Hmmm ok thanks. I’ll see if I can make that work on my own. I’ll be manually entering data in any case since LumoLift doesn’t have an API (I think).

Alex, here’s the thread you were looking for. @mary has automated exactly that, setting the goal’s slope based on actual recent performance.

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