Ramping up <something>: how do I set a goal which is not a straight line?

Hi Beeminder folks!

I would like to be able to set up a goal that is not “do a given amount of X per unit of time”, but rather “do more and more of X as the time goes by”, such as, “ramp up my pull-ups to 15 per set till EOY”. This sounds like a common enough thing, yet I wasn’t able to find a way to achieve that. Am I missing something?


Does this visual road editor help? http://road.glitch.me/login


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I’m not sure it does. It still only allows me to define the road as a straight line, whereas I want it to curve upwards, to reflect not constant, but ever rising velocity. Or am I missing something again?

Maybe, maybe not. I have a weekly review where I adjust rates and safety buffers on my goals. I don’t know how a goal that adjusted its own rate everyday would help me, but there are a lot of different kinds of people :slight_smile: to

I suspect I dont quite get what you’re asking.

If you preloaded the road editor to have an increasing slope everyday, beyond being tedious and non-automatic :), is that different than what you’re looking for?

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The tedious part is the key here. What I would have liked is to say something like “Increase the amount of pull ups I do daily by 1 every other week, up to a ceiling of 30”, or something along these lines.

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