Gratitude journaling together

@mary It was Leah Johnson’s You Should See Me In A Crown, actually! I had expected it to get lost in the massive backlog of mail…

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Wanna do a book club where we discuss it but there’s no predetermined reading pace?

  1. I’m grateful that I have to post things I’m grateful for when I post in this thread about books, because it helps me think of things I’m grateful for
  2. Color vision
  3. Having a place to live that has everything I need, without roommates, at least for now
  4. Taking walks around my block
  5. The way The Sadies give me goosebumps

To be honest, I probably don’t need the extra Thing to Do either. :-/

  1. I’m being really good at self care and keeping to routines and at accepting that that means that Other Things won’t get done.
  2. While washing the dishes in hot water this morning, when I moved my hand out to pick up another item, my hand gave off steam. Yes. I have magic powers now.
  3. Our cat sleeping on my lap while I work.
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  1. Starting my day with a cup of tea.
  2. Eating breakfast in a clean kitchen.
  3. A friend doing something difficult that I’m proud of them for.
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  1. I have new books coming tomorrow because a friend was very proud of me. :blue_heart: (I got Seafire by Natalie C. Parker and The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso, and I will buy the second Whyborne & Griffin ebook omnibus too, and I need to say thank you properly.)
  2. I came out to my mother about being non-binary, and everything is okay.
  3. We found some fabric Lisa once intended to make me PJs out of (which we thought was hippos but is probably actually rhinos), so Lisa has been spending her evening on that!
  1. @adamwolf’s Gmail Labeler script thread for enhancing inbox zero goals, which I didn’t notice when it was first posted but it’s just been updated. This is timely because my inbox and starred posts are out of control again and I think now I can track them in the same goal!
  2. I slept well last night, which was a pleasant change from previous nights.
  3. A gift I gave went to good use. :slight_smile:

If you do anything fun with it, feel free to post your config!

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  1. Lisa found cute fabric to make me some more summer clothes out of.
  2. I’ve been reading quite a lot in the past day or two.
  3. I was cranky and I didn’t want to but I put my head down and worked, and tomorrow will not be so bad as a consequence.
  1. My kitchen is staying clean and in control because of my routines.
  2. My desk duty session at work this week was easy.
  3. Grapes.
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  1. Libby really makes library ebooks convenient.
  2. My new ereader really makes Libby convenient!
  3. My old ereader safely arrived with its new owner and now I have some extra money.
  1. Wattle flowers are out. They are pretty and have an enchanting scent.
  2. Board games with a friend yesterday.
  3. The Unix shell. I love creating shell scripts and one-liners to make my work easier. It’s fun even when this happens. :slight_smile:
  1. It’s not too warm which means I can have a hot water bottle for cramps.
  2. Jam sandwich creams are tasty bikkits.
  3. There are possibly some interesting books in the non-fiction sale on Kindle.
  1. Jeremy made a four-layer cake. This is what happens when I accidentally say “build a cake” rather than “bake a cake”.
  2. Sunday was spent as a lazy day on the couch.
  3. Our local shop, which is just a couple of minutes walk away.
  1. The Welsh of the West End. Some of their vowels sound like home.
  2. Warm cookie dough with ice cream. :blue_heart:
  3. I am enjoying playing around with Storygraph and the first book rec I followed up from it was pretty good.
  1. Finishing a book over breakfast (Such Big Teeth).
  2. Working in the peace of my bedroom with a blanket over my lap.
  3. Bird song.

Wow rhino leather PJs? I want some!

Yay! So glad to hear she was accepting.

Grateful that I fixed my toilet and it’s no longer dripping all over the floor!

Ah, no, printed fabric! (Leather is a skin – a fabric is woven or knitted fibres.)

  1. It’s publication day for a book I was excited about! (Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall.)
  2. Post is starting to arrive semi-regularly again.
  3. Storygraph are adding more Golden Age crime stuff to help improve the algorithm for me!
  1. I woke up before my alarm.
  2. New flowers on one of the bushes in my garden.
  3. Luxury chocolates from a friend.
  1. A friend has started reminding me to take my meds each evening, and it does really help.
  2. I’m close to the end of my catch-up list.
  3. Really looking forward to halloumi tacos (I think that’s what the halloumi is going to be in) sometime this week.