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Gratitude journaling together

Somewhat prompted by oulfis’ post, somewhat by my own intention to do some gratitude journalling, and mostly by finding @dreev’s old gratitude entries on that thread fun and fascinating, I thought we could maybe crowdsource some joy and gratitude in here. Bonus: I get accountability for my gratitude goal, which I haven’t made yet.

Not meaning to hold anyone to any formula here – maybe you just want to post one thing, maybe you do a list of ten, maybe you want to just share edited highlights of a gratitude journal from elsehere… Maybe you only want to do it occasionally, or once a week, or nobody else wants to do it and I’m on my own here. :sweat_smile: Still, worth a try.

So here’s mine for this morning – and I think I will try and do them early in the day, so I can open the day on a positive note (even if what I’m grateful for is stuff from yesterday). We’ll see how it goes.

  1. I made @alys happy by getting a proof copy of an upcoming book for her. :blue_heart:
  2. Portal Bookshop sent me pronoun badges for me to wear during video calls to help people remember. They even sent me two options: ace flag background and enby flag background.
  3. I have a whole stack of Cat Sebastian’s novels to read. Six!

Oh! Good plan! I’m supposed to be doing this every day for my mental well-being and haven’t for months. So, here’s mine for today:

  1. A dear friend got me an early copy of a new book from my favourite author! :smile:
  2. My cat, who hasn’t been eating much for days has finally started eating again! The trick is that she only wants to eat if I feed her on my bed… :scream_cat:
  3. One of our favourite ringtail possums is sitting on the window sill behind me snacking on some leaves.

Great idea!

  1. My wife and I took a 45 minute power walk around a nearby park. It was super nice!
  2. The headache I’ve had for several days now seems to be basically gone today, which is such a relief.

So cool! Do you use both? Can I see pics of the badges?

Here are mine!

  1. The sound of big thick raindrops thumping against my windows.
  2. Beeminder stickers!
  3. The beeminder forum!
  4. TaskRatchet! I used it yesterday for the first time and got a lot done!

Love this thread!

(Also I like my entries from 2013 so much I kind of want to make a new blog post or something out of them.)

My gratitude entry for today: Um… Wait, I’m feeling really shy about this all of a sudden. I’m literally embarrassed by how good everything is for me personally right now. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and I guess I feel like a jerk describing how comfy and happy I am through all this. But, ok, let me try: I’m grateful for brilliant, diligent, good-hearted friends who were earnestly sounding the alarm about the pandemic in February so we knew to stock up and prepare.

  1. I’m grateful that someone I care about is feeling better today.
  2. I’m grateful for my Mom, who’s the kindest, sweetest woman I know.
  3. I’m grateful for my self-isolation sidekick, who makes being locked indoors infinitely less hard than it should be.

Sure, here they are:

I haven’t actually had chance to wear them yet, or fiddle with my setup to make sure they’ll be visible on camera, but I’ll probably just pick one. :sweat_smile:



  1. Lisa bought me Easter eggs because my dad can’t really (I mean he could, but he couldn’t give them to me), so the tradition is maintained. Only better, because she doesn’t make me wait until Easter Sunday. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I thought it would be a busy day, but it’s not actually looking too bad so far.
  3. Today’s “Grand Prix” option on the Uno mobile game is 2v2! I prefer 2v2 at the moment so mwahaha, now I will win. Hopefully.
  1. My housemate made a perfect omllette.
  2. Cryptic crosswords.
  3. Easter eggs.

Grateful that

  1. All my family is safe and still healthy
  2. I can work from home and so can our employees - business can continue even if a bit different
  3. Outdoors exercise is still allowed during the quarantine so I can keep my jogging (for both physical and mental benefits)
  1. I feel like reading!
  2. I slept pretty well.
  3. Got a letter from my mum. (During lockdown, I’m writing to her every day the post is collected; she’s a doctor, and obviously feeling the stress, so I’ve been cheering her up and staying in contact… but also she doesn’t have as much time to write, so her letters to me are rarer.)
  1. The Simple Browsing Schedule Firefox extension that opens this page automatically each night. :slight_smile:
  2. I persuaded myself to write a difficult message to someone.
  3. My good cat chased away a bad cat who had sneaked into our yard. (She stays inside almost obsessively but RAN out the door as soon as she saw the cat.)

Ohh, that makes me wish I could get along with Firefox. I don’t know why it eats resources so much on my computer. I’m using it just for work now because the containers extension is so helpful, but some other stuff is just painful. I wonder if there’s something similar for Chrome…

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I did find Firefox to be a laptop-crashing memory hog until I installed the Auto Tab Discard extension to unload tabs after they haven’t been used for a while. I keep a lot of tabs open and that really helps.

Alas, I’m a tab minimalist and still it happens! Restarting the browser regularly helps too, but in general it’s been such a clunky experience. Maybe it’s because I rely a lot on pinned tabs (always have six specific tabs pinned)… Still, I reckon that if I keep using it for work, I’ll notice if/when things improve and be able to make the switch then.

Gratitude journaling is a great idea!

  1. I’m finally feeling better after a really rough week.
  2. part of the reason I’m feeling better is that after breaking down and crying during a virtual meeting ( they asked how everyone was doing and I didn’t have the capacity to pretend) a couple of coworkers called to check in on me and that helped me feel loved and cared for.
  3. We’ve been able to have the windows open all day while cleaning so my house smells and feels really fresh.
  1. Chocolate for breakfast just this once! :smiley:
  2. Got a work inbox emptied in 30 mins (not Beeminder’s, that never happens).
  3. Wife spent 5 hours darning the head of Helen Hippo, my childhood teddy, after a small hole developed. The patient is doing well and back at work supporting your support czar today, though taking it easy in a rocking chair.
  1. Tiny Caramello Easter eggs
  2. Hot cross buns
  3. Reddit’s Bodyweight Fitness Community home exercise routine - it’s a pretty good alternative to a gym
  1. This thread is a wonderful idea, thanks for getting this started!
  2. I’ve been mostly headache free for weeks now and I can’t overstate how good this feels
  3. The woods next doors are wonderful this time of the year
  4. I found another way of making my work for uni seem less daunting and it’s a huge relief
  5. Working standing up solves everything and I’m really glad it does
  6. I am thankful that I live in a country that is doing a rather good job handling the current covid-19 crisis
  7. I got some very good friends and we stay in touch a lot and I’m glad I have them
  8. My family is healthy and happy and that makes me happy

Is that because of the April Activity Challenge? Or working standing up?

And how does working standing up help?