Minor Success Story, 5-Minute Journal

So I bought and am going to try The 5-Minute Journal. It’s basically a combination gratitude journal/daily affirmation exercise. I’m reading the introduction and they go through a routine where they are trying to get you to commit to using it.

There is a page, and you are supposed to list obstacles why you might not fill it out for 5 days, and then things that you will do to guard against those obstacles.

I just think to myself “Dude, I have Beeminder; this isn’t an issue” and there’s only one entry I need to make in the lists.

I notice that I can now set a simple short term goal for myself and be completely confident it will get done.


Melt! Such a beautiful testimonial! Did you also look at Bullet Journal by any chance?

Bullet Journal looks interesting, but isn’t quite what I was looking for. I already have a system for organizing to-dos and events, and don’t want to duplicate that.