Gratitude journaling together

It was from Haier, who own brands like Candy and GE Appliances, but this is their own-brand stuff. Apparently uses some very reliable (lifetime warranty) patented direct-drive motor for the drum, unlike most machines that are belt-driven (and the belts can be a bit noisy and a bit un-reliable).


Yay ube! I can’t eat ice cream because of allergies, but I’m happy to see folks enjoying ube flavored anything.

  1. This morning I felt a sudden emotional acceptance of progress over longer time frames: even though things can be hard now, and the benefits difficult appreciate immediately, investing in my goalset will put me in a much better place in my 40s, and a very good place overall when I am 60+.
  2. Kept up with my winter reading goal this week against all odds.
  3. A bowl I received from an acquaintance when I left Japan several years ago, and an espresso cup my mom got for me from Italy have been put to very good use in my Adventure Coins reward system, which is thriving.
  4. It’s finally the right time for me in my Japanese learning to go back to using Clozemaster, and I can use it for Latin too!
  1. SGQ: I realized that I wasn’t able to focus on work at all today and got up to go do beemos instead of just refreshing reddit/hackernews/youtube on loop.
  2. Malcolm Moore’s snowboarding channel[youtube] is really good—or at least it feels that way, we’ll see if I can put his instruction into practice in a few weeks.
  3. My wife went to breakfast with her colleagues and ordered a plate to bring home for me!I’
  1. i’m very grateful that my plant is growing again! :D
behind this tag you will find an incredibly long tangent about said plant, which is my baby, and which i want to thrive, so it makes me super excited and happy to see it growing a leaf again!! (many more details behind the tag, if you dare XD)

disclaimer: i’m not a plant person. backstory: sometime during the end of 2021, a colleague (more or less) gifted me an amaryllis bulb. (i didn’t and still don’t own any other plants.) i don’t remember exactly why, but i decided to eventually put it in some soil instead of just letting the roots hang into a glass of water. (which worked well, just to clarify. it blossomed really wild. it might be a very ambitious bulb. or maybe the average amaryllis is like that, i wouldn’t know.) the transition went well, i think. (i don’t remember if it blossomed in the flowerpot, in fact i don’t even remember what the blossoms looked like, BUT it was definitely very green in the flower pot for a long time. so many leaves! such long leaves!) [as you can probably tell by now, this plant is my baby. i want it to thrive. which is why i’m so incredibly happy that another green leaf is poking out of the soil again!! :D] — you’re supposed to put flowerpot-amaryllis in hibernation for a bit over the autumn/winter months, which i think i did too late, and i only put a carton over it, didn’t take it down to the basement or anything. (but that should be fine, since a florist gave me that tip.) anyway, i decided to get it out of hibernation a few weeks-ish ago, and got some more soil from my mother’s place, and restocked the pot. (hibernating the plant means no water, so obviously the soil that was still there had shrunk because it was so dry.) and today :D i realised that a green leaf is poking out of the soil!! hooray!! (i have no idea if it’ll blossom again, or if i woke it up too late for that. but to be honest i care absolutely not for the flowers. i just want my baby to be happy and healthy and not die! :D) [okay i also want it to blossom a little bit, because my other colleague had said that getting them to blossom again the following year is difficult, so i was like “challenge accepted,” but i do know that due to various reasons i didn’t do All The Things i could have done, let alone At The Right Time, let alone Perfectly, so i don’t expect it to blossom. i’m just happy if it survives another year! :D (actually writing this down and re-reading it, i absolutely now remember the reason i put it in the pot: i wanted it to blossom again this year. i was like “challenge accepted, i’m a plant parent now, and my child will live, and it will thrive, and it will blossom,” and i guess we’ll see how this all turns out XD)]

  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i migrated all my work-related tasks from habitica to todoist. for reasons, i want to eventually stop using habitica, at the latest in 2029, when my subscription runs out. for related-ish reasons, i want to be prepared for the (currently unlikely) eventuality that they ban my account. which means migrating my work-tasks to somewhere else. (all other tasks are either easy to remember to set up again even if i don’t have access to them, or they’re not as important anyway and can be forgotten, and might be remembered again eventually anyway, in a few months or so, because that’s how my brain works.)
    i’ve never used todoist before. i signed up on a whim today, and i like it. i hope i can get by without subscribing, which currently seems so. (i only need 2 projects, one for each job, and i get 3 projects for free.) i’m really glad i was able to stay focused and motivated and pushed through enough that i managed to migrate all my tasks to todoist. not just those of one job or the other. all of them. it’s now past 2 a.m. and that’s Not Ideal, but i’m really happy this has been completed, and hope that i’ve set it up well enough that i can exclusively use todoist tomorrow at work! (i still kept my habitica tasks for now, because why not, but the sooner i get used to the new system, the better. also because that means habitica chat notifications will distract me less while i’m at work XD)
  2. i’m grateful that today was a good day! yes, work and the boss were somewhat annoying and chaotic again, but i do feel that i am getting really good at Not Caring about things that won’t be finished when i would like them to be finished! (to clarify: boss often dumps a lot of unexpected things on me, which delays the things i would normally prioritize, which has caused me lots of stress in the past months, but now i’m trying out this new tactic called Not Giving Any Fucks, and it works wonders. i’ll need to get better at it and learn to balance it even more, but at least this week so far i felt like it worked really well and am optimistic for the future!)
  1. I made myself do a task at work that I’ve been putting off for months from fear of breaking things. I completed it and nothing broke.
  2. This Beeminding by k1rsty post - I’m grateful to learn that my First Things First post helped.
  3. An apricot that was perfectly ripe and sweet.
  1. Self-gratitude: I put something on my longer-term to-do list yesterday… and I cleared it today!
  2. Managed to extend my Amazing Marvin trial a little more, giving me time to do the budgeting I forgot to do.
  3. My pay came through, so I managed to order the thermal clothes and base layer type stuff I wanted to help with how cold I am every day.

(NB: While I’m aware it is not actually very cold in the UK and the many layers may seem silly: firstly my flat is poorly insulated and my office has two external walls, problems which I cannot fix because I live in rented accommodation, and secondly I have Raynaud’s disease! Last year we could heat the flat well enough to just avoid the pain… this year, we can no longer afford it.)


@enbee good luck for your baby plant’s new blossoming! Also congrats on Not Giving A Fuck.

  1. SGQ: I woke up thanks to beeminder, and started working, so my day already sorta feels complete by 1pm.
  2. Grateful for Beeminder and Complice literally holding my life together since October
  3. Grateful for a friend calling me yesterday
  1. Lovely walk out to a high viewing point on a crisp sunny day, where we could see all of Matlock across the valley
  2. Managed to do exercise these last few days despite being in a state of transition
  3. Delicious oatmeal and blueberry for breakfast
  1. I can still navigate and drive to fairly distant places without a map app
  2. Bananas exist
  3. Riding a stationary bike while reading The Silmarillion was more workable than I expected
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be in bed much earlier than yesterday, and probably even before midnight! i really need that today (after not even 5 hours of sleep last night), so it’s great that it’ll happen XD
  2. i’m grateful that more people have responded positively to my birthday invitation. while i still don’t know if one particular friend i would love to see again has time, many others have said they’ll come, and i’m actually looking forward to celebrating again, for a change, even if i don’t yet know what we’ll be doing. XD (probably just drinks and conversations and hopefully games at our place.)
  3. i’m grateful that tomorrow is friday already! while january is going by so fast (maybe too fast?), i do like my week-end-days, so yay for that! also, friday is “better job day”, so yay for that, too! (as opposed to “more-chaotic-and-more-stressful-and-still-less-liked-so-far-job-days,” which are monday, wednesday, thursday :P)
  1. Some positive feedback from my manager.
  2. I felt happy all day yesterday and so far today, for no particular reason. (This is rare!)
  3. I seem to be stopping biting my nails. It’s much easier to resist than it’s been for most of my life. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been playing with fidgit toys a lot lately or if it’s from less overall stress due to a somewhat annoying responsibility having ended in recent weeks.
  1. SGQ: Although I was sleepy, I got some really important work done and will thus have no work-stress hanging over my long weekend.
  2. My workplace promotes a healthy work-life balance and when I said I was too sleepy today from sleeping terribly last night need and needed to leave early to take a nap my teammates were nice and supportive.
  3. During that nap, my dog cuddled me so warmly and cutely!
  1. Watching Hulk eat oats. (Good to help bunnies gain weight, and she seems to love them.)
  2. The thermal base layer stuff I got all fits, so from tomorrow I should be warmer! (Washing everything first, because allergens.)
  3. We thought of a bunch of stuff we needed to do today last night, just before bed, so instead of trust our memories I grabbed my phone and put it all into Amazing Marvin. Good thing, too; we would’ve forgotten otherwise. :person_facepalming:
  4. Persona 3 Portable is out on Steam! And I promptly snagged it of course. Nostalgia!
  1. SGQ: I’m glad I decided to freshen up my wardrobe and start wearing more “dressy” clothes, because the nice shirt I have on right now that I got as a result of that decision definitely sparks joy.
  2. The delightful non-leaded cut crystal glasses we found at Goodwill and use as water tumblers now.
  3. My mint sprigs appear to be taking well to their new planter.
  1. Feeling optimistic about regaining strength in the deadlift.
  2. Had a nice coaching session yesterday where I learned something I can do during the times I feel really sad at the end of the night.
  3. I was able to get more sleep than expected, since it turned out I didn’t need to wake up very early to drive somewhere.
  4. Hoshimachi Suisei performed Stellar Stellar on the First Take, and is the first vtuber to perform there.
  5. Tulkas, the Vala wrestler who laughs in the face of Morgoth.
  6. It’s Friday
  1. Found a brilliant and often-relevant new word: lalochezia (worth looking up :slight_smile: )
  2. Took my mother out for a nice lunch
  3. Our next temporary stay is in an amazing Victorian hunting lodge/tower/folly
  1. Yesterday I conquered laziness and walked for over an hour.
  2. I was in a park around sunset and there were dozens of cockatoos in the trees, noisily getting themselves settled for the night.
  3. It’s Saturday!
  1. Bought myself some treats and they should arrive soon. (FFXIV soundtracks!)
  2. The new raid music in FFXIV is just lots of fun.
  3. It’s the weekend.
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i just finished writing like 98% of my first beeminder journal entry. i won’t post it before tomorrow or anywhen else once i’ve re-read it and figured out how to best include pseudo-footnotes, but it’s a lot of words and i’m grateful that the bulk of the work is behind me!
  2. i’m very grateful that i don’t have dozens of obligations tomorrow! i absolutely need to do laundry. i should do a couple of other things, but if they don’t happen it’s not an impeding crisis. such luxury! :D
  3. i’m grateful that me falling asleep at probably 4:45 a.m. (since it’s 4:14 a.m. at the time of writing, and i still need to brush my teeth, etc.) won’t be as Horrible No Good Very Bad for my tomorrow as it would be if i needed to be up at a certain time tomorrow! i’ll still probably set my alarm to around noon, just so that the whole day isn’t gone after a few hours, but i’ll get a decent-ish amount of sleep either way, and that’s great cause for gratitude!