Gratitude journaling together

  1. My parents. Lisa’s injured herself, so my mum brought round painkillers and my dad did our shopping. :blue_heart:
  2. Friends and acquaintances on the coworking Discord server keeping me accountable.
  3. Walking. I actually quite enjoy it and it was one of the habits that slipped while I felt terrible. I am much happier having re-added my afternoon walk to my routine.
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  1. My phone alarm app, Gentle Alarm, which is always reliable for waking me.
  2. The local train station is a 20 minute walk away which is perfect for enforcing a suitable amount of exercise when I need to go into town.
  3. My microwave egg boiler.
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  1. The library bought the dinosaur book I want to read in ebook, so I can least try it without having to pay £27 before I know if it’s worth it!
  2. I wrote my blog post yesterday so today is much less busy than a usual Tuesday. Planning ahead is yay!
  3. Private health insurance. I love the NHS, I absolutely do, but we have been totally unable to get CBT and physio and same-day doctor appointments from the NHS… and this is filling a very urgent gap.
  1. The scrub turkey that we haven’t seen for months is back in the garden. I think it’s the same one as before because she doesn’t seem too afraid of me and knows what grated cheese is.
  2. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in months and haven’t lost too strength on dumbbell exercises.
  3. I walked home from the bus stop a different way yesterday and found a street with a lovely garden.
  1. I got into London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine!
  2. We accidentally slept in… but that was good because I got to sleep really late.
  3. The dinosaur book is fun but was in fact not worth spending that much money on, so A+++ for my library getting it.
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  1. My new Starting Not Staring goal (fourth paragraph here) worked well yesterday and I spent much time being productive.
  2. TagTime installed easily on my laptop.
  3. There are several convenient bus routes near my place.
  1. My triceratops footstool is coming in handy while I need to put my feet up to get comfy.
  2. My earnings goal has convinced me that I can “slack off” (read: maybe not do ALL the work) today while sitting at my desk is uncomfortable.
  3. Amazon same day delivery. I know, I know, Amazon is evil etc, but nobody else is delivering me contact-free stuff I need via same-day delivery.
  4. On that note, I’ll break my usual pattern of threes to say that I really appreciate lately for my books. They’re not quite as speedy as Amazon, but 48 hour postage is not by any means bad, and they send a percentage of each order to my local independent bookshop. (I would order directly from the indie bookshop, but they don’t have an online shop and take orders by phone. No, thanks.)
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  1. I stood outside in the morning sun to listen to the butcherbirds and magpies singing.
  2. I love my morning routine so much. The feeling of control it gives me cascades throughout the day.
  3. Red wine.
  1. I wore my new pajamas last night and they really were comfy.
  2. “The bunnies” bought me a book to celebrate getting into LSHTM and it arrived this morning.
  3. We figured out the fit issue on the other pair of pajamas that Lisa is making me, hurrah!
  1. The scent of orange blossoms.
  2. The Mountains of Mars. Look at that. We can see actual mountains on Mars.
  3. This story about Dr Fauci being awesomely kind.
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  1. I’ve finished two books today.
  2. I spent all day in my PJs because they are cotton and thus cool and breathable. Yep, if you emailed support today and were answered by me, I was in my adorable rhino-print jammies, very possibly with my feet up on a triceratops stool. NOW do you fear me???
  3. I got promotional credit from a retailer as an apology for a messup on their part.
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  1. Board games with friends.
  2. My motion sickness has nearly gone. I can use a laptop for an entire 30 minute bus ride with only a mild feeling of nausea.
  3. Days spent at home with nowhere else I need to be.
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  1. So many books I want to read! And I own so many of them!
  2. Singing.
  3. I thought I’d take ages to go to sleep last night, but as soon as I stopped worrying about it, I conked out.
  1. The scrub turkey in the garden has named herself (a name popped in to my head while I was looking at her). Her name is Princess.
  2. She’s doing an excellent job of turning over the compost heap as she digs in it for insects.
  3. Falled palm fronds make a good barrier against turkeys. She was also digging through the compost bin I use for the cat’s litter tray (GROSS!) but several fronds over the top have stopped her. I love using garden “waste” to good purpose.
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  1. A new box of books from Portal Bookshop! Mostly they are just books I wanted to add to my pbook collection (like the full hardback Murderbot set), but there are two new books too.
  2. I read through one of my dissertations because I wanted to find something, and I’m really just massively impressed by the full record I kept of every change and every bit of research. So I am grateful for the Open University forcing me to do that! I will do that with my MSc dissertation too, I think, even if I don’t have to.
  3. A friend was really happy about the “cross-stitch care package” I sent her. :smiley:
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  1. Jeremy cooked pigs in blankets and bacon.
  2. Bacon! Especially when crispy.
  3. Our cat is a good hot water bottle.
  1. Antibiotics!
  2. Same-day test results!
  3. Tonight dinner will be pork and peanut dragon noodles, aka the only meal I’ve ever had where I will consistently empty my bowl/plate every time. Normally, I have a persnickety little appetite… but not when it comes to this.
  1. The cheese sauce that Jeremy makes to go on vegetables. Om nom nom. Vegetable icing!
  2. I finished a large piece of work for my real-life job last night instead of letting the final steps wait until today.
  3. My gym buddy and I have arranged for us to go back to the gym one day a week.
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  1. I feel some slight inspiration to work on my inbox today… I felt weird, not inbox-zero-ing all the time anymore…
  2. …but it has been a relief to let it slide for a while.
  3. Dad’s brought over some Welsh poppies to plant in the garden.
  1. There are now several fiction writers that I refer to as “one of my favourite authors”. I like that I’m reading more.
  2. I love how cut spring onions will resprout if you put them in water. They’re so determined to grow!
  3. This video of the surface of the Moon