Gratitude journaling together

  1. Morning Euphoria!!! :sparkles::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  2. Bakery girl teaching me Spanish (I teach her french slang in return) :baguette_bread:
  3. Dance teacher coming to help me when I was visibly struggling. People being very kind with me even if I do super stupid mistakes :smiling_face_with_tear::dancer:
  4. SGQ: Trying to live more in the present moment :sun_with_face:
  5. Having something to show to my boss tomorrow when we call :telephone_receiver::chart_with_upwards_trend:
  6. Phones being able to take pictures, it’s so easy and fun :camera_flash:!
  7. I know a lot of people on the island, now :dancer:
  8. Office being open 24/24 so I can work even if I wake up at 3pm :sleeping::smiling_face_with_tear:
  9. Cute hats (I want one) :womans_hat:
  1. Scales and Sensibility by Stephanie Burgis.
  2. An abundance of Easter eggs.
  3. A lift home when I had a lot to carry.
  1. Experiments on the microscope went super well and I’m feeling motivated!
  2. Meditation sessions are starting to feel more focused and calming.
  3. Lindt Caramelised Hazelnut chocolate has so many yummy nibbly bits.
  1. Past!me did a bunch of quests for Fisher and Blacksmith in FFXIV already. A very silly gratitude, but it was an unexpected relief to discover, now that I’m trying to catch up, that I already had a good amount of progress on those two jobs.
  2. Really enjoying Blurb Your Enthusiasm (Louise Wilder). It has a crispness of prose that makes it addictive to read, over and above the interest in learning about those who write copy in the publishing industry.
  3. Lisa bought me Party Rings and Jammie Dodgers for silly holiday indulgence.
  1. One of the key people who was needed to do snagging on the house arrived today, and did a bunch of work
  2. Took the afternoon to build (most of) a new workbench for the garage
  3. C made some yummy cookies
  • i’m super grateful my therapist apologized for something she said last week. i didn’t expect an apology, but i’m super glad i got one! if i had any doubts still if i made the right choice with her, they would be gone now.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i managed to pull myself out of a slump today, and ended up doing fairly productive/long overdue things, which, in turn, made me feel better overall: i did some housework, and i updated my draft for the second post of enbee’s entries—originally i’d planned to post that today as well, but it took So Very Long to just get it to the point where it is now, and i still need to make and eat dinner and do a few other things, so i’ve decided to let it be Just A Draft for a little while longer (which i’m also grateful for)!
  • i’m grateful that fully catching up with the forum posts didn’t put me Out of Love again. due to various reasons, i didn’t read many forum posts/replies during the last two-ish-weeks. i got threatened with another “you’ll run out of likes soon” message a day or two ago, when i already did some catching up. surprisingly, that message didn’t hit me again today, so far. and now i’m all caught up! (with all posts and replies written ever since i joined the forum; not with the whole forum, that would be truly wild!)
  1. Feeling a lot better today.
  2. Got a lot done at work in spite of brain fog.
  3. Both my cars are up and running again.
  1. SGQ: I did a very good job setting boundaries around my time at work today.
  2. The leasing office sent us an email before scheduled maintenance so were able to get my wife to a different place to sleep so she’d be less impacted!
  3. My dog is healing extremely well.
  1. Anki helping me to learn Spanish :memo:
  2. Chicken sandwich :sandwich:
  3. Motivating talk with friend :zap:
  4. Someone who bought me snacks at the office :palms_up_together:
  1. Stevonnie doesn’t mind when I’m late to our Focusmate sessions for silly reasons.
  2. My sister’s birthday celebration should be tomorrow (belatedly).
  3. Getting my tasks done quickly.
  1. Progress on the garage
  2. Reading a rather lovely Thich Nhat Hanh book - “you are here”
  3. Home-made hot cross buns from C were delicious!
  1. SGQ: I made wonderful pancakes today!
  2. Big stormy rainy cozy day.
  3. Oops, double self gratitude! I went to the gym even though there were some other people there and was able to have a decent workout and mostly ignore them.
  • i’m grateful for getting to spend a fun evening with my friends.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be going to bed now. no feelings of bedtime procrastination tempt me, i’m just really exhausted and tired, and looking forward to my bed.
  • i’m grateful i managed to walk over 10 000 steps today. this is the first day ever since after covid that i’m finally doing a ratcheting on my steps goal again, 0 safe days every day. i managed to easily meet the 7 000 steps/day goal today, which makes me optimistic for the coming days. i hope i’ll be able to meet it again tomorrow, and keep up my perfect record.
  1. Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis. She’s a new favourite author now.
  2. I caught up with some family last night.
  3. A lovely fresh wind today.
  1. I’ve fit in plenty of reading this week.
  2. Dinner with my parents and sister tonight.
  3. Plans to hang out for a bit with an FFXIV friend, just at a slightly different time to usual.
  1. Saw a lot of thought-provoking art today, grateful for that and the conversations it sparked!
  2. British Summer Time is glorious, and coat with sunglasses weather is the best weather.
  3. Grateful that I can take little day trips sometimes.
  1. SGQ: Used taskratchet and didn’t immediately fail! I accidentally found a nice meta-system of “leave the reminder email in my inbox, so inbox-zero stays red, so I don’t forget about the task in there”.
  2. Allergy medication!
  3. Big progress today on getting my current espresso beans dialed in. They’re a weird roast and I won’t be getting them again, but I’d like the rest of the bag to be at least decent.
  • self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i stood up for myself today. the conversation still ended in a fight, but the other person did take X right back, after i called them out about X being bullshit.
  • i’m grateful i actually set down and did some progress on a goal today, instead of letting it derail for the third time in a row without any progress whatsoever …
  • i’m grateful my internet didn’t die on me just now. did a few fandom edits and the last ones were super slow and buggy, but nothing got lost, and everything eventually let me update! i guess it might be time to clear that cache again, haha.
  1. A party with several friends last night.
  2. I was given some hot-cross-bun-themed chocolates that have cinnamon flavouring.
  3. It’s a lovely day and I’m visiting a friend at the seaside.
  1. Homemade gnocchis
  2. Interesting reverse-engineering challenges
  3. Knowing a bit more about this person