Gratitude journaling together

  • i’m grateful that we got home tonight before it started to rain/storm.
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  • picked a new restaurant in town to try for lunch, and it was delicious!
  • more experiments with the new camera: macro photography of bees, just to be on topic :honeybee:
  • exercise in class was great fun (hard, but great fun)
  • i’m grateful that weekend plans have been finalised.
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  1. Dad did some shopping for us after Lisa sprained their ankle.
  2. Had some inspiration to actually read some of the books that I’ve been stalled on for a while. My currently reading goal is lookin’ good! (Compared to how it was, anyway.)
  3. Just a few more days and I’ll be free of exams for this academic year.
  • i’m grateful that i had much fun today.
  1. Saw the flamenco I got as a gift, which was really exciting to watch!
  2. My trip planning was made easier by a friend coming to visit us for dinner
  3. I remembered a decent amount of what I read about the city we’re in and managed to explain it to the others
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i at least downloaded my friend’s travel photos already.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i made lots of delicious breakfast snacks on saturday that i get to enjoy for the next few days (including today).
  • i’m grateful for a wonderful evening at the theatre.
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  • fab home-made chocolate cake
  • new shrubs in the garden smell lovely (they are mock orange, aka Philadephus)
  • broke through to the next divisible-by-100 level on my lichess rating
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  • i’m grateful i washed my hair this morning.
  • I’m grateful this thread is still active.
  • I’m grateful summer childcare is working well for my daughter this year. (so far, knock on wood).
  • I’m grateful my son is old enough to stay home and let me work on peace.

@cthulhucultist Welcome back!

  1. Exams all done!
  2. So close to catching all fish in FFXIV (Beeminder goal) before the new expansion!
  3. Used the studying time that’s opened up for “anything I want” during my day to nap.