Grayson's Beeminder Journal

@k1rsty I LOVE YOU! Thanks so much for handing me this on a silver platter.

Wrestling with permissions now but I’ll put that in the thread for it.


Thanks for the offer to go the extra dozen miles, @k1rsty! But no need — I now think leaving out past-due reminders is actually better. My new plan is to visit my Scheduled list every morning and curate an intentional list for Today, by rescheduling and/or deleting and/or adding tasks. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks so much again for making this nearly effortless for me. :yellow_heart:


That’s cool, glad it’s working for you! An intentional list sounds like a good plan.

I did have a quick try to figure out the set of reminders including the past due ones but it seemed like I needed to get three different sets and then de-dupe them which made me feel like I was missing something (but I often feel like that with Shortcuts, it’s easy to get at what it wants to give you but a pain to do something that feels like it ought to be only slightly more complicated).