Have 2 beeminder goals depending on Focusmate session duration

Hi Everyone,

I saw a post from 2 years ago about that, but I was not too sure about their conclusion.

Question: I want to create 2 separate goals in BeeMinder, one would use the 50min sessions of FocusMate, and the other goal would use the 75 min sessions.

Otherwise, I could use focusmate sessions done before 5PM for the first goal, and focusmate sessions for the second goal.

I am ready to be creative if needed!

Is this possible?



Looks like Focusmate has a public API that lets you fetch your sessions, and includes session length:

With that you could use something like Val Town to sync that on a cron with your respective Beeminder goals.


Thanks for your reply.

Not familiar with Val Town.

You think I could use zapier for that ?


Probably? I haven’t used Zapier that much, but assuming they have the ability to make generic http requests and manipulate the returned data, seems plausible you could do it using Zapier.

There’s also Make.com if you want to avoid coding.