Track only specific Focusmate sessions

I’m so excited for the new Focusmate integration - I’ve been a fan of Focusmate for a while.

I have a goal to do one Focusmate session of planning a week, which I’ve integrated with Beeminder. The problem I’m realizing is that if I do any Focusmate sessions at any other time of the week for other tasks, Beeminder will think it should go toward that goal.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to work around this? Should I just make this a goal that I manually update instead of having it integrated? I definitely don’t want to Beemind Focusmate sessions for everything right now so I don’t want to just raise the amount and hope I make up for it by doing FM sessions on other projects.



AFAIK, the Focusmate integration can only handle “started any session”—and even if you titled it “planning session” or something, that doesn’t necessarily mean you actually did that. So IMO a manual goal makes the most sense in this situation for now!

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