Have tried to type my goal

I’m a newbie and have tried to set my goal at least three times. I got a warning and tried to do it again but where do I go please



Uhoh, useful to hear you’re having trouble! So first things first: you can start setting up your goal from the goal creation wizard: beeminder.com/new

If you’re not sure about the steps, the tutorials in our help docs might help you. For example, here’s one for an example Do More goal (you’d just want to customise the amounts to what you want to do, of course!): Do More Goals - Beeminder Help

Make sure to go through all the steps – your goal isn’t created until you’ve seen the preview, clicked next, and finished creating your goal, so don’t stop at the preview!

We’d love to hear a bit more about what you were struggling with – for example, once you’ve done the goal setup now, do you think you can remember what went wrong before? Like maybe not finishing the steps after the preview, or something like that? Thanks so much for sharing!