Newbee confusion with Do More vs Odometer for reading

Hi, I’m starting to use Beeminder and frankly I am lost. I’ve read the guide and videos about it but it doesn’t solve my problem.

So what I want to do is:

Create a beeminder to read one book a week.

I know that for the first goal I should pick the odometer but then I’m confused, what should I put in the Today’s Value?

The total of page, let’s say 1024 pages of Anna Karenina or what I have left to read 774 pages?

For the units I putted pages and I committed to read 28 pages per week

Thanks for reading.


For today’s value you put the page number of the page you are currently up to.

Today’s Value: 250.
Units: pages
Commit to 28 pages per week.

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What you’ve written here makes me think you want to finish reading one entire book per week.
But the rest of your post makes it sound like you want to make sure that you read part of one book each week.

If you’re not in a hurry to finish reading the book, then 28 pages a week and using the numbers I posted above should be fine.

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My bad, I want to read Anna Karenina in 4 weeks, that’s why I putted 28 pages a week.

So for today’s value I simply put the number of the page I’m currently up to if I want to finish one entire book per week.

Thanks insti.

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Then you need to be reading 28 pages a DAY.

Once you’ve created the goal, you can edit it using the “Road dial” underneath the graph.
Set the goal total to 1024 (the total number of pages.)
Set the goal date to 4 weeks from now.
Click ‘Dial-It-In’ (twice)

It will work out how many pages you need to read a week (193.5) and adjust the road accordingly.


Alrighty thanks a lot, then each day where I read 28 pages I put 28 on the recent data stuff, right?

Think of an odometer like a car milage thing: it starts out at some number when you buy it (zero if new) and then if you drive 10 miles the number goes up by ten, but the total doesn’t have to be a nice multiple of ten.

With an odometer goal you put in what page you are currently on and the computer does the math for you - that is what they are good for.


Ok thanks I’m grasping the meaning of it.

And now about a different goal, I want to do something every day for 25 minutes. Which mean 175 minutes/week.

So for the Goal Type I chose Do More, then for units it’s minutes and I committed to 175 minutes per week.

And then in the recent data I just have to put 25 to update the graph, right?


Yes, that sounds good.

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