Help decipher my intention!

This is a somewhat strange request, but here goes. =) As described in this old Akratics Anonymous thread:!searchin/akratics/intention/akratics/ywzsG2qQv_E/tp-5jAIcZbMJ

I have an “if-then rule”, aka trigger-response plan, that says IF I catch myself stating or thinking about a vague future intention, THEN I must immediately make a ticket in my todo-tracking system. Then when the ticket comes around I have to spend some time taking concrete steps towards making it more likely to actually happen. This system has worked great for me so far.

So the other day I was working through some tickets and I came across a ticket that said:

Intention: plants

The problem is that I have no idea what this means, even though I personally made this ticket a week ago! The “Intention:” part means that this is one of those tickets created when I caught myself stating an intention. The “plants” part is supposed to remind me of the intention. But I have been racking my brain and I cannot remember what my intention was. It is not something obvious like “I intend to buy some plants” or “I intend to start a garden” because I do not, and never have, intended to do those things. The funny thing is that I think I actually do remember creating the ticket and thinking at the time, “I wonder if the word ‘plants’ will be enough for me to remember what this means?”, but deciding that it would be. It’s like the curse of knowledge but between my past self and my current self. My past self couldn’t understand how my future self could possibly not understand what my past self meant.

So, I am open to your suggestions, not that you will know what my intention was, but simply on the theory/hope that your speculations may trigger my memory! I was kind of hoping that even just writing this post would trigger my memory, but no dice so far. =)


It seems clear to me that you mean to go to school to become a botanist and then travel the world until you’ve seen every kind of plant in its native habitat.

Seriously, though, sorry I have no idea. Good luck!

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Are you giving a talk and need someone to ask a question so you can fit in more content that wouldn’t fit as part of the talk?

Do you need some pants or planks or blanks but are just bad at typing?

I’d mark this one as done and intend to put in more detail next time you think of it.

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Plants as in factory? Maybe you want to compete with Elon Musk in the battery business?

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Haha, thanks all! I still haven’t remembered what it is, though insti’s suggestion that “plants” is a typo is an intriguing one (“plans” perhaps?). I probably will just mark it done and let it come back to me naturally at some point in the future (if it never does then I suppose it wasn’t very important!).


I’m with @insti. Cross it out as done. Move on. You’ve planted this seed, give it time to sprout. [groan]

Almost always, for me, the quiet niggle of “I wonder if this is enough” is the kind of warning that I’m slowly getting better at heeding. Nonetheless, here are some blanks to fill in:

don’t step on the ___
health benefits of ___
eat food; mostly ___
power ___
power to the ___
some ___ are evil and triffid-like
___ delenda est

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I know some suggest that tasks/ideas (applies to feature requests too) never should be added to the list until you’ve heard it (or had the idea) more than once.

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Did you ever work out what this was?

(I came to think about it because I wrote down a word that seemed like one I might not remember next time I look at it. Although posting this might solve that, or I probably should just write more details.)

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