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Help yourself to some API files


I’ve fixed the goal descriptions so that it’s not such a mess. (They were all a little too long!) I probably won’t upload pictures for the goals that were created since I last updated, so they’re showing broken links, but it still gives sort of an idea of how it works.


(PS - Thanks :blush:)


PPS - As a result of talking about it, I’ve now gotten more of my goals set up to autodial themselves.

The following goals now automatically set themselves to the average rate for the last 4 weeks (whenever I open the php page, which is set as one of my home pages, so it happens daily), each to a specified maximum

iOS Active Energy
Daily Planning
Process Evernote Inbox
iOS Exercise Time
Process OmniFocus Inbox
100 Days | Red List
Clear Starred Email
iOS Steps
100 Days | Strength Training
iOS Mindful Minutes
iOS Stand Hours
iOS Walk/Run Distance
iOS Time in Bed
YNAB Check-ins

Bad Habit
Sugar Purchases


Whenever anyone opens it, right? If I do that I’d set up a script to automatically access the page every day so I wouldn’t have to.

So is it a one-way ratchet? The autodialer only goes in one direction for each goal? Or can it adjust each goal either up or down based on your average rate for that goal?


Hey @mary (and everybody else!) I’m working on a dockerized version of your dashboard to make it easier for others to use this thing: :star_struck:

However I have encountered some problems (and I’m basically listing them here so we could get rid of those…):

Autodialing seems buggy

It only seems to work, when the goal has a set goaldate; but also the calculated rates seem to be way too high:


Compared to my road:

There are problems with in_array in the dashboard


For whatever reason the array is always null. I’m more familiar with JavaScript myself, so I’m not super sure what’s going on…