Want to get started with autodialer, but PHP is scary, plz help thanks.

Been beeminding for a while now, recently wanted to try out API stuff to maximize beemindy-ness. Completely new to all this PHP and localhost stuff.

Got as far as downloading the files from this post [ Help yourself to some API files ] and enabling localhost on my computer, but attempting to access the php files throws a 404.3 and gives me some stuff about MIME types and handlers. I guess I haven’t finished setting everything up, but I’m completely lost as for what to do next. Any pointers?


Any chance that you know how to use docker? I have dockerized the beeminder dashboard so you just need docker and then to change the config files: https://github.com/openmedi/beedash


I’m the person who wrote the autodialer, but I don’t really know PHP well enough to actually help! (When it comes to programming, everything I’ve done has used duct tape and trial and error.) I’m gonna tag in a few people so that enough eyes get on it for someone to maybe be able to point you in the right direction.
(@adamwolf, @apb,@are, @bee, @dreev, @philip)


What exactly is the error you’re getting? Can you show us?

@matti Did you change your GitHub username? I’m not able to access that link.

Sorry the repo is lost, so somebody would need to start from scratch, sadly…

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How could it be lost if it was on github?

Because I deleted that account for personal reasons. And I didn’t have local backups of all the repos.