How do I add more safety buffer to my graph?

How can I add more safety buffer to my graph?
I’d like to add one more day of safety buffer because I keep forgetting to submit my data.



Hi! Thanks for asking, always helpful to know what isn’t clear. Safety buffer gets added either by overachieving (completing double your daily rate), which would immediately give you an extra day of buffer, or by adding a break, which wouldn’t kick in for seven days.

You can’t add safety buffer immediately once a goal is running, because of the akrasia horizon – if there was any confusion about that, e.g. you thought it said somewhere that you could add safety buffer immediately, it’d be useful to hear so we can tweak things and make them clearer!


Another tip is to set your rate slightly below what you intend to do so you can build up buffer over time. For example, if you have a goal for doing something once a day, consider setting the rate to 0.9 instead of 1.