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Fake days off and getting all goals to 7 days buffer

I’m about to hit 7 days safety buffer on all my goals, first time that’s happened in I have no idea how long – certainly many months. Great sense of accomplishment!

Good thing too because almost always when I derail it’s because I’m edge-skating and then forget to do something.

Anyway, why I’m posting other than this being an excuse to post here is: What I can’t believe in retrospect is how long it took me to figure out that I needed to identify the tasks I rarely get done on weekdays, and try and get those ones up to enough buffer by the end of a weekend so they’re still at 7 days at the start of the next weekend. ‘Days off’ would help, but just getting that idea into my head was enough. If you’d asked me, I would have told you that would be the way to do it, but I didn’t ask myself, so I was relying on vaguely trying to hit 7 days without that idea in my head – that definitely did not work.

OK, you smarter people who’d already figured that out can go about your normal business.



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In the same spirit as calendialing, you could have a weekly goal to check in on your buffer levels. If you create that meta goal carefully, it’ll occur every Sunday.

Carefully is some combination of the right amount of starting safe days and/or a lot of starting safe days and incremental use of the ‘ratchet’ feature to trim the safety buffer until it’s due on a Sunday. And six days worth of respite after a derail.