How should I respond to red bees?

I get these red bees often. I assume the ping has not properly sync’d with the Beeminder app and I’m not getting the appropriate credit for these pings on Beeminder. I can make them sync again by re-editing the ping.

Sometimes they arrive when I edit a ping after filling it out initially. I don’t know how the integration works so I don’t know if editing the ping a third time, to trigger it to resync will make the ping count twice on Beeminder. I just want the credit that I’m due.

Most of the time the red bees appear spontaneously and I don’t know if all the tags, some of the tags or none of tags have been sent to the appropriate goals.

So, I want to know if it’s safe to edit the red bees and force them to re-sync or if I will risk double counting them.

It would be nice if whatever leads to the red bees was fixed. They seem to persist forever on some pings for no obvious reasons. I have a group of pings from yesterday that were filled in while I was away from wifi (not that that should matter if they’re going straight to the Beeminder app…) and some of them have gone yellow and some remain red.

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In case this is related to our recent server problems, did you have this problem before Monday night (Feb 22)? We also fixed something related to Android push notifications today so I’m anxious/hopeful that that may have helped. So I’m eager to hear if the problem persists or if others are having it.

Yup, I’ve had the issue for a long time but I’m not sure when it began (or if it’s just been doing it all along). The screenshot has January dates on it that are still red, for example.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Could the TagTime app creator shed any light?

This issue still comes up regularly. I checked up on one of the red bees and a datapoint had been added to each of the Beeminder goals that the ping should go to. So why is the red bee there?

I also opened and edited a red bee ping to trigger a re-sync. It added a duplicate datapoint to each of the goals.

So I’m just going to ignore the red bees now… but I do feel uncomfortable about it.


I’m thinking that possibly today’s infra – – might turn out to be user visible. There’s a good chance that fixing the error which was causing us to spam ourselves with false-positives, will also fix this.

However, it does sound like a bug that editing the ping would cause duplicate datapoints, because I think the whole point of the red/yellow bee is that the app is keeping track of its datapoints That’s something it would be great to have @saranli look into next time he gets a chance.