Android beeminder & tagtime bug which costs money: same datapoint logged twice


I got a tagtime ping at 12:46:32, and answered with the ‘prc’ tag (see screenshot #1).
This tag is linked with beeminder goal ‘procrastinate’ (screen #2).
In Beeminder, I see 2 datapoints at 12:46:32 (screen #3, I deleted the second datapoint before the screen capture).
It caused a derailment (which didn’t stop me but it’s not the point :smile:).

Screenshots: Dropbox - bmndrbug - Simplify your life


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Yikes! Thanks for reporting! I’m not sure what to say about the bug yet (need to consult with @saranli). And you probably already did and I’m just out of the loop but if you could make sure to reply to the legit check email whenever anything even potentially fishy happens, that’s super helpful (and of course we’ll stop the charge before it goes through).