How to attach picture to goal?

I have a weight goal but sometimes add fake data to avoid paying fines.

taking a picture of the scales and logging each one in beeminder with a timestamp would prevent me from faking data. However, you can’t add pictures to beeminder. I guess you could add an imgur link in the comment. Is there any other way of doing this?

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Perhaps you could use an autodata implementation?

Beeminder iOS can sync weight from Apple Health, which can sync from other apps you use to log your weight. So you’re not lying to beeminder, you’d be lying to yourself about where your weight is at.


Aren’t there smart scales you could use, too?


Smart scales are pricey. I like the ones I have, too.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only thing you have available is adding Imgur links as comments. Alternatively, you could do what others do with their forum-journals; post pictures here!


Sorry if I did not follow well, which purpose does cheating serve? To avoid going off course on the graph?
In some ways this is not all that different than buckling a seat belt then sitting on the seat - from outside it may appear you are buckled in.

We do not see beeminder goal nor do we know what at your weight goal is. Is it realistic? Too much too soon? Allow for healthy variance? Which would be conditions you could maintain for a few days in a row, a few weeks, or three months?

My tip? Fall off, feel the sting! Turn off autopilot and make a conscious decision about how to proceed. Tweak your goal and/or behavior as necessary.

Even with the screenshots, if you wanted you could edit the html displayed in your browser before taking the screenshot or with the iOS app you could also just submit to Apple Health any weight value you wanted. So you can cheat (yourself) at any level. Just decide not to. Decide to ease up in yourself, forgive yourself for past mistakes. Use that to learn and grow and give yourself another chance.

Today, I’d post my photo to imgur, and put the link the comments, or a link to Google Photos or something.

Is there anything awesome Beeminder could do if it understood that? Are there goals where having all the photos in a gallery would be awesome? What about if it animated between days? Are there goals where it’d be awesome to see “This is what it looked like at the beginning, and this is what it looks like now?”

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I don’t think there’s anything built into Beeminder that would accomplish anything like that. The way Beeminder is set up, you should be able to see the progression on your graphs. It isn’t animated, but there should be clear trends from day 0 to the latest day. One thing you might consider using IFTTT to link Beeminder and Google Drive. Every time you upload an image to a specific path (Drive/scaleImages for example) then a datapoint can be entered to Beeminder (e.g., 1 for “yes I did it”). It also supports Path, URL, and Filename, so you might be able to use Filename to give Beeminder the weight.

But then, there might be a problem with how Beeminder takes the filename and makes a datapoint. If the datapoint was “2020-10-05_205” then you’d want it to have the datapoint “205” but I don’t know if Beeminder could figure that out. You wouldn’t be able to just name it “205” because we’d run into name-uniqueness problems.

Maybe someone with more Beeminder and IFTTT experience could chime in.

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Beeminder doesn’t support this today, but I’m very interested in ways we can improve Beeminder!

(You can use IFTTT to split things into the comment field vs the data field.)


How would one do that? I know you can type {{Filename}} or {{PhotoUrl}} but is there some sort of flag you can put in there to truncate or return a substring? E.g., {{Filename.substring(9,11)}} for the value ‘20201006_205.jpg’?

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