How to beemind an escalating goal (daily plank)

I have a beeminder goal to do a plank 6 days a week and it is working.

What I’d like is

a) to automate getting the plank into Beeminder (currently I just use the basic android stopwatch)

b) to keep the goal for a daily plank but add a goal that requires progression. ie I want to gradually increase the length of time I can do a plank for. Suppose I can do 60 seconds now. Well in 1 month I want to do 120 seconds and maybe in 6 months I want to do 240 seconds. I’m not sure if I want to set a long linear progression or set a new rate each month depending on what I find. Maybe once I read x seconds I’ll want a plank maintenance goal and add another goal instead.

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Two thoughts:

There’s a timer built into the android Beeminder app. I forget what units it reports, but you may need to set your goal to be in hours, or use the scaling feature (in advanced settings) on an existing goal.

Escalating goals is exactly (more or less) what @mary’s magic auto-slope script does. Your future slope becomes some proportion of your recent historical slope, so the more planking you achieve, the more planking will be required.

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I’ve used odometer type goals to enforce progression on fitness goals. Just set the rate to your desired improvement rate. Here, I improved my consecutive press ups by 2.8 per week to reach the goal of being able to do 20 by the end of 2014.

The Android app timer reports in hours. I converted all my goals to hours and it does simplify things, even though it is a bit of a pain.


Thanks! I’m going to do this. Just waiting to find out what a reasonable progression would be. I’ve now upgraded my beeminder account anyway which opens up custom goals and autoratchet as other things to play with :wink:

Looks like this is a good option to explore.

Found it. Thanks. But PHP?!?!? Cue for ancient hacker snobbery :wink: