How to beemind something that occurs daily for only a month

Hey y’all,
So the backstory is that I’m signed up for the four week long Stoic Mindfulness & Resilience Training that starts in a few weeks & I want to actually make sure that I do the daily exercises every day. In part so I get as much out of it as I can and because I don’t want to mess up their research by not properly participating in the study.

Beeminder is how I handle most things that I need to do repeatedly, and it has the major advantage that I already have a habit of checking it daily, but this feels like an impedance mismatch to me: how does one naturally beemind something that must occur exactly once every day for a set period of time?

Any thoughts?

p.s. I mean after typing this post the thought did occur to me “y’know, you could just do the exercises from now on and pretty easily beemind that” but I still think the question is interesting

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Do you have a premium plan? I would set up a do more goal with 1/day, auto safety buffer set at 0, with an end goal value of 30 or 31 or whatever it needs to be.

I have a few auto-safety-buffer-at-0 goals for things like language study. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

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Ah, no, I’m on the Infinibee not Bee Plus plan so I can’t mess with the auto-safety-buffer. That’s a really good thought though! I suppose I could just manually retroratchet each morning to push my buffer down to 0?

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Another way around this would be to set your aggday to nonzero, so that no matter what you entered, your day’s value was either a 1 or a 0–then you wouldn’t need to retroratchet, but I think that’s also a premium perk. Hmm.


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New policy: having an interesting case study that you write about in the forum is plenty justification for us enabling custom settings on particular goals for you! Just email and point to the forum thread (this one in this case) and to the graph in question!

Thanks so much for asking great questions and brainstorming great answers. This is what makes the forum amazing!


Just noticed this goal on the featured page: - “Just get up from that damn bed at 05:30.” (Not mine.)

Think this does exactly what you were looking for, @clarissalittler ? Set the slope to 1 and make sure you start in the red, I guess.

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You’re right and this was largely a function of my wanting something that worked exactly the way I wanted with no extra steps. Setting the end date and retroratcheting it manually totally do what I need. I was getting hung up on little things, like it functioning as a two-valued goal where you physically couldn’t get ahead because every day is either 0 or 1

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