How to create a new: All or nothing goal

How do I enter a all or nothing goal? It’s been suggested I use "Do more"
I want to reinforce a 7am ( or earlier) wake up time

In the ideal world:

  1. there’s a way I can set up the data points so I can reinforce a 7 am wake up time
  2. perhaps there’s a way to give myself points for waking up even earlier?

Perhaps I’m asking for too much. But I do like to dream.

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Here is what I would do, if to go with this suggested idea of a ‘do more’ goal.
It is possible to create a “do more” goal, with the rate of 7/week. And a custom deadline of 7 am. Once this is set up, you can retroratchet the goal so that it is the eep! day (you enter 0 in the retroratchet settings). So now every day is an “emergency day” and every day you should wake up before 7 in order to enter the “1” and safe your goal from derailing.

Again, this is what I would do, although it is definitely not a universal solution.
I would enter something like 1.05 if I woke up 5 minutes in advance. Or any other ratio is possible. Then you will have some buffer gathering over time.

A totally different approach to tackling this type of measurement might be a do-less goal. This should be set up at 7/day or 49/week. You should have the “pessimistic presumption” on, but you might set the deadline to whatever you’d like to, so that you may enter the data later during the day. In this case you just enter the time when you wake up, be it 7:00 or 6:55 or anything. By waking up earlier than 7:00 you gather some buffer.
I would probably choose this second solution, (1) because it is more quantified-self-friendly, and (2) because I just love this new retroratcheting functionality for do-less goal.
The first idea also uses the need to enter a point to beeminder as an additional motivation (rather than simply the need to enter a point that is so-and-so sometime later). If you want to use this aspect, the deadline on the ‘do-less’ goal may be set up to 7 am as well.

Thanks for the reply!

I had to delete and re-enter my goal a few times, it kept “de-railing” after I set the margin to 0 days and deadline of 7 am, even with a duplicate date point for today. But I got it working. 18 hours to go…LOL ( or I’m out $5)

Perhaps you will be a supporter for my goal?

Glad to know you managed to get it working!
I have never used the “supporter” feature, nor have I been anyone’s supporter… but if you see any positive utility in having me as a ‘supporter’, I’ll be happy to :smile:

I definitely see positive utility, as there’s a social consequence if I
don’t keep my word. And if I try and be anything in this world, it’s a man
of honor, who keeps his word.