How to deal with catatonia?

Sometimes, I have a really hard time moving or doing anything for several hours or even entire days, despite being an otherwise physically active and healthy person. I think this is accurately categorized as some kind of mild catatonia (which is also a symptom of other things my psychiatrist says I have). Last semester, I had to drop three out of four courses I was taking because of this, and my psychiatrist has not been able to help after many meetings. It internally feels like some kind of risk-taking module in my brain has been set extremely low and against any metabolic expense. This semester, which started a few days ago, I haven’t even been able to start on any of my homework, and I feel half asleep during the day despite getting normal quality rest. How can you efficiently and permanently overcome this?



I would find a different psychiatrist if you can. I have only had this when my depression was uncontrolled, but presumably if that were your problem, you’d be focused on addressing that.

I’m not sure folks here can help you because it sounds like something best handled by a mental health professional. Most of us here are familiar with the habit of doing something else rather than the things we are Beeminding (my son had to leave his first university due to gaming all night, for example), but fewer people are familiar with doing nothing, I would guess.

If Beeminding helps, you could use Boss as a Service with Beeminder. Then you would have to prove to a human that you did your work. I use BaaS in addition to Beeminder, just not together.

I hope I am wrong and that other people here are able to help!



I was spending my days in my bed binge watching anime instead of working hard like I always did. To put it into perspective, days were passing by super fast and I was enjoying my work even if it was hard. But I changed gradually…

Beeminder didn’t help so much: at this time I would rather bleed money than do something even mildly hard such as answering my texts. It still helped but I was still very lazy.

The cause was pain medicine I’ve been taking, Duloxetine. My initial solution was to counteract the problem by taking other meds (Modafinil, then Ritalin). I tried various fixed.

The true solution for me was to learn more about psychopharmacology. I was looking for a compound I could take to fix my problem. But I actually read about Duloxetine in that book, and learned how it works (or at least, how it’s understood to work…).
I understood that if I wanted my brain back, I needed to quit Duloxetine.

I quit it and made progress quite fast. Besides not lying in bed all day doing nothing, I quickly recovered mental capacity, pleasure from doing things, and my personality changed for the better. It didn’t get back my insane work ethic, but I am very happy with the improvement.

Maybe you are having a similar problem? I assume this since you are seeing a psychiatrist.

Best :slight_smile: