How to quasi-restart a goal, but with existing data?

What is the best way to start a new goal but “pre-loaded” with the data from an existing goal (which would then get dumped in favor of the new one)? I’m still not happy I have things set up properly, and I’d like to do a quasi-start-afresh. So far I’ve tried the following:

  1. Exported my existing data into a CSV
  2. Hacked that into what appears to be the required shape for importing, i.e. each line being of the form: yyyyy mm dd “optional comment” (Aside: It would be nice if the import mechanism could handle the exported CSV data as-is, without the need for hacking it first)
  3. Imported that now-hacked data back into my new goal using the form at the right of the graph

The import seems to work, of a fashion, and the data does arrive unscathed, but it’s not showing up as I’d expect. For a start, the graph insists on starting at today’s date, not the date of my first datum. I tried changing the x-axis low value but that was ignored.

Also, the calculations about how long I had to enter my next data seemed wildly off. I’m guessing that although the data is accurate, the new goal is comparing that data with its underlying assumptions about what my progress should be on any given date, and that is independent of the graph display (although may be confusing the graphing). Hypothesizing that there is some significance in that initial 0 datum that every new goal seems to start with, I changed that initial entry to have my required starting date. No joy. I even tried changing the first date in the road editor, figuring that may be the real “time zero” for the various calculations, but that didn’t work either and may even have resulted in me incorrectly having to pay a pledge (if anyone who controls such things is watching, could you make that not so?)

So, how’s this meant to be done?


@eucleides, I would email the support, mentioning the specific goal url. They are usually very helpful and very fast in being so when addressed by email. I am just mentioning this seeing that nobody reacted to your post since Mar 12.


We used to magically guess at the start date when you imported historical data, but stopped because it sometimes did things that were even more confusing.

By all means, email support and we’ll set your road to start back when it should have, and make sure that you’ve got whatever amount of safety buffer you need it to have right now.

If you’re comfortable with the road editor (on the goal’s settings tab, might need a premium plan) then you can change the start date there.

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I think there’s also a bug report in here. Thank you, @eucleides! (DM me your snail-mail address to claim your stickers!) It should always let you adjust the bounds of the graph to see all the data. I’m investigating that.

Another important note: Any time you derail there will be a legit check email generated. Definitely reply to that if it was due to any kind of technicality such as experimenting with editing your road.