Strange initial graph for Fitbit weight goal

We got one of those Fitbit Arias and so I figured I could just as well set up an auto goal for weight measuring for the fun of it. Creating the goal and such was easy of course, but the first graph that was created didn’t make much sense, and the suggested goal value didn’t make sense either (it was 0.1 I think). After not understanding at all, I clicked around in settings, then went back to the main page for that goal and voila, it all made sense and the goal was set to a value I could relate to.

So this is a bug that I’m already out of, but it was rather confusing the first minute there. Unfortunately I didn’t get a screenshot or anything.

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Hugely appreciated! We’ll attempt to reproduce.

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I think we’re just lazily adding an initial “0” datapoint for all fitbit goals and then after we import the data we delete it if it’s a weight loss road. Much nicer would be to make a call to the fitbit api and get current weight before we actually create the goal.