how to replace source of data

I am relatively new around here. I set up goals to track water and veggies and I set up Trello to track that. So I made a bunch of cards in Trello, and move them from a ‘need to consume’ list to a ‘been consumed’ list… I know… clunky.

then I learned about IFTTT and I connected to a button press. So I can connect that button press to my water or veggie goal… and data pushes into the beeminder goal.

the problem is - trello is counting a cumulative value, while button press is counting a single instance. How can I change the source of input from Trello to IFTTT and not mess up everything? Or do I need to archive my goal and start a new one?


Welcome to Beeminder! You’ve hit on an important missing feature! Since it doesn’t happen too often, our solution for now is to have you just point us to the goal in question at and we’ll change the data source for you (or change from cumulative to not – actually in that case we can convert the goal to custom for you, normally a premium feature, and you’ll be able to fix it yourself). Either way, we’ll get it sorted!

(And thanks so much for asking this! Definitely helps us to see questions / frustrations / Beeminder shortcomings so we can keep improving!)

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