How to restart a gmail zero goal?

Hello, I tried to restart a gmail zero goal. The dialog asks me how many read mails I have. I could not say because there are so many. Should I just hit the Shazam button or will I derail instantaniously?

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This very much needs to be improved but in the meantime just say “1000”. If you do get derailed, reply to the legit check email and we’ll fix it! Thanks for what amounts to a valuable bug report for us (especially if it does spuriously derail you but even if not, we should not be making you guess that number)!

I didn’t think to search for this until after I had already set myself up to derail on day one. :frowning:
Is there a way to fix the restart at this point? I can only change things post-horizon as far as I can tell.


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This may require admin intervention. Either email support or just hit reply on the legit check when the spurious derailment happens. Sorry about the continued hassle with this!