iCloud / macOS integration?

I use Apple’s Notes, Reminders, Calendar app and Safari and I would like to beemind them. “Fewer than n items in Reminder list xyz”, number of items on your reading list (= firefox pocket) and so on.

I see two options here: Integrate with iCloud (no idea how feasible this is) or have a script run on your mac that queries these apps locally and syncs to Beeminder (fairly easy to do (I reckon), but less reliable, but probably reliable enough. Also allows for loopholes by terminating and messing with that script.).


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Without my developer hat on, I love this idea. (With it on, I just don’t know… maybe a Safari extension would work slick… can you install those on iOS too?)

You can in fact write safari extensions for iOS. My ad blocker that I am using on mobile Safari works extremely well.

Another idea that I want to see implemented is beeminding disk space usage.
I may or may have killed one or two SSDs in the past by having them be like 95% full all the time which drastically reduces an SSD’s lifetime and I am currently babying one that has only 8% of it’s reserve blocks left because it used to be super full, too. (Watch out for nvidia driver install packages).

Anyway, since macs have super fancy fast SSDs that is a bit of a hassle to replace (Though Apple will do it and I asked an Apple Store before buying my MBP how much that would be and it was a very reasonable figure actually) I figured it be better not to use it up. So I created an SSD goal to make me free up space from time to time. It works great but I would like to remove the human having to remember how much space there was element from this.

Why not use df I hear you say?

Oh because it’s not that simple on macOS. I won’t go into detail here but let’s just say you want to use an API call to get the exact amount.

I also want “oldest file in directory” and “number of files in directory” :stuck_out_tongue: