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iPhone improvements badly needed!

I’ve recently come back to Beeminder after a long break.
I’m disappointed to see that the iPhone app has not had any significant improvements!
A short list of things I’d really hoped to see by now:

  • New-style widgets. Preferably with some good choices of size and function
  • Integration with Shortcuts. Allowing us to integrate both adding data and getting status.
  • Apple watch integration
  • Better look and feel. You know what I mean.
  • Siri integration. (probably accomplished via Shortcut integration)

There are others, but I don’t want to distract ya’ll from these very important ones.
I can get around some of these with some API work, but it’s a bit tiresome to do so, as programming is also my day job.


Hi @patimen,

I’m currently working on a Beeminder client for iOS and macOS. If you’re interested, and once it’s a bit more mature, I can send you a beta-testing invitation.




Another suggestion for the iOS app would be fixing the broken Mindful Minutes data gathering.

This Automation might help you understand how to make the right API calls for this on the app.