I'm a little confused by the progress bars in Statistics

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 10.27.56

I have this book reading goal that I have a few days buffer on, so I’m confused why the current progress (the bottom bar) is behind the pace bar (the top one). I guess I’d expect that I’m a little ahead of pace? Am I just misreading these or misunderstanding how they work?

Here’s my graph.


As far as I understand, the upper bar shows progress in time, while the lower bar shows progress in units.

From the help:

The goal progress is a quick view of where and when you started, where you’re at today, and where and when your goal will end. The two gray/yellow bars below are a visual representation of the same information: the top bar shows your goal’s progress towards completion by date, while the bottom shows it by unit. If you hover over the bar, it will show you the number of days on track/number of days to go, or the number of units entered and the number of units left to go.

So, if I have a goal that goes from January 1st to December 31st of a given year, and I have reached the goal value by July 1st, the upper bar will be only half-way filled, while the lower bar will be completely yellow.

Does that make sense?


Yep, @felixm’s got it! The two bars are independent: one shows progress toward your total goal over time, and the other progress toward your end date over time. (Sometimes these aren’t so useful if your goal is basically perpetual.) So it’s not that one is behind/ahead of the other, necessarily – they’re scaled differently, if that makes more sense.


So if you have a goal to whittle down the subtasks for a project, and you have an end date, this is like a burndown chart?