Feature request: Default graph size

On the dashboard it is often hard to tell how close to the line you are for goals that have been running for a long time and I tend to kick myself too much when I constantly see a derail on a goal line.

The way I am currently solving this is to go into each goal and update the graph when I have a derail or if the goal has been running for a while.

Could a setting be created to set the graphs to show all datapoints or some other value e.g. the last 2 weeks?


Ah, yes, we’ve been talking about this for a long time. We’re tempted to add a “relative t-min” feature so you can say “last 2 weeks” instead of just an absolute date. But we may put this off until dynamic graphs are built in.

Really appreciate feature requests like this! (Please click :heart: on @mysteryenigma’s post to help us prioritize this!)

I know it doesn’t count for extra if I want it, but yes please to relative t-min.

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