I'm getting multiple Zeno reminder emails!

Instead of the usual Zeno polling, in which I would have received one reminder by now and the next an hour later, I’ve received five reminders in the last half hour.


The worker bees are busy resolving this issue right now, hopefully one of them will update once the problem is fixed.


Thanks for the alert - this was my fault. Normally when the email goes out we set a flag marking the timestamp of the last email to go out, and then don’t send another one until the appropriate next time. I changed some code and deleted the line that was setting the timestamp flag. Bee fixed it up at about 3:30 am PT, so you should have stopped getting the emails around then.


(Darn, I replied to the email thread which is supposed to automatically post a reply in the forum but that feature seems to be broken! Or maybe it breaks when a thread gets split? I shall investigate.)

So, yes, very sorry we broke zeno polling for some people yesterday! (And I see Andy just replied as I was typing this. :))

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We think it’s fixed! Thanks @bee and @apb!