I'm having trouble setting a do less goal using Toggl

I cannot seem to set a do less goal using toggl. Here are the steps that i took:

I set up a do more goal integrated with toggl, to track time for a single project.

And I set the goal to 1 hrs per week, with 7 days of safety buffer.

Then i have converted the goal to a custom goal, choosing the good side of bright line as below.

When i click update settings, the remark: Amount of Respite must be greater than 0 appears on the screen.

So i modified the graph. Raised the starting value from 0 to 5 on the first day (20 sept). And raised the final value to 15 on 26 sept. And the goal ends with a rate of 1.0/day.

The graph modification worked without any errors. beeminder

But i still cannot choose the area below the red line as the good side.

I don’t understand how to fix this.

Any help and suggestion will be much appreciated.


Hi! Thanks for mentioning the problem – sounds like you’re running into an issue we’ve seen a few times in support, where there’s an invisible setting you can’t change (the respite you’d get on the y-axis after a derailment, which is only important on do-less type goals) preventing the goal from being flipped over. If you create the goal you want to flip over and contact support (support@beeminder.com) with the link, we can put a number in that field for you so that you can do the conversion.


I tried this method, but it’s still having some troubles. Maybe I should give it more time.

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Can you clarify what you mean about it not working? As in, you contacted support and we weren’t able to fix it? I’d like to dig in!


i contacted support, but support PIC asked to refer to forum on how to set respite. so i dunno how to fix it.

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Eek, it sounds like the members of my team who handled it didn’t know about this problem or didn’t recognise the description – sorry about that! I found the email thread where you were asking about it, but I don’t think you have an active goal at the moment that’s ready for me to change for you, by the sound of it? Can you create the goal you want to convert, and email in again? If you specifically say that I’ve told you that the support team need to add a “mercY” value for you, then they should know what to do. Unfortunately I can’t just set things up so you can do it in future – we need to set it per goal.

@galius If you’re having the same problem, please email again; I couldn’t immediately find a thread with you. We can definitely get this sorted out – so sorry we dropped the ball here, I’m making sure the team know about this one!


Ah, I was looking for the same thing for Fitbit “hours asleep.” Nicky helped me out. It would be nice if we could choose goal type / make a custom goal AND choose a data source at the same time.

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