Improving the "Beeminder-Ping" WordPress plugin

Hello, everyone in the Beeminder community!

Do you use the Beeminder Ping plugin to send information from your WordPress blog to Beeminder? (Or, are you using the Beeminder PHP library?)

If so, please post any & all feedback or feature requests here in this thread.

I’m putting together a roadmap for feature improvements, and would love to hear how others are using this, how it’s working for you, and what would make it better.

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(Thanks so much for helping, @mattepp!)

The WordPress plugin has been utterly rock solid for us – sending +1’s for new posts to to – for years and years.

I recall now that at one point, editing an existing blog post would send a +1 to Beeminder if that blog post wasn’t already counted. Which is not typically what you want if you want to beemind your blog starting now. Our workaround was to just delete the extra datapoints. And future edits, if I’m remembering this right, didn’t send a new +1 so all was good after we’d hit the point of having edited all past blog posts at least once.

Sorry that’s such vague feedback! And my only feedback about the PHP library is that every time I look at it I have to fight the urge to purge all the OOP stuff and redo it in a functional style. :slight_smile:

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hey! I love this concept, but every time i install this plugin my site won’t display, just gives a white screen – not sure why