Automated blog beeminding with Zapier

This was extremely painless to setup!

The end result is here


Thanks for sharing this! I really like automations that tie “doing” directly to “datapoint”. Publishing more blog posts is an excellent example of that.

Every now and again, some system change I make (like renaming something) causes Zapier to think there’s something new, so it posts additional datapoints on my goal. Usually this is obvious from the unexpected number of safe days, so I go into the All Data tab and delete the extras.


Yeah, really appreciate your sharing of exactly how to set this up! We have a Wordpress plugin automating our meta blogging goal (see the sidebar of which it seems everyone but us has had nothing but trouble setting up. I think Zapier is the new recommended way to do it, until we support RSS directly as an autodata source.

PS: If you tweet your blog posts you could also use our Twitter integration.

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And there’s this IFTTT recipe, which will become simpler when our IFTTTT channel is ready!

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