Instant road update

Hi, do I get it right that with road editor on Bee Plus I can apply road changes instantly i.e. decrease or increase my commitment value w/o 7 day buffer? My major problem w/ Beeminder is that my priorities often change radically and I need to start doing something new real quick and lower commitments for other goals instantly. I’m motivated enough not to weasel on stuff, but contacting support every time for stuff like that kinda sucks.

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I’m on the Bee Plus plan right now and I don’t think that’s true. When I make an increase or decrease from the Commitment tab, that only affects the road 1 week from today.

With Bee Plus, you can use the road editor to manually increase your commitment starting today. But you can’t manually edit it to make your commitment easier starting today – it can only get easier a week from today.


That’s disheartening, but thanks for your reply. I already was in a situation where I was forced to remove most of my goals because of that. I was hoping it’s a one time situation, but it happened again and again. Priorities often shift in a matter of days. I’m more motivated by graphs themselves than all the money business, but premium subscription is just too expensive.

Even with premium you cannot avoid the akrasia horizon :frowning: